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 Rustic wellness travel to Costa Rica

As a Exhale Client your are welcome to join an all inclusive life changing experience to this family owned eco paradise, offering six private bungalows situated on approximately 4700 acres, within the regions most important watershed and coastal riparian habitat, next door to trendy and popular Santa Teresa.

We welcome you to a family oriented 7 to 14 day experience where you are offered to combine Exhale's Program for stress management and self-leardership (empowering techniques for physical, emotional & mental tension relief) with activities like: learning Spanish, exploring the tropical environment, hiking, surfing, kayaking, yoga, learning about a sustainability, plants and herbs, or horseback ride through different settings along pristine beaches, grasslands, and hilltops with dramatic views. It is not uncommon to see monkeys, crocodiles, birds, reptiles and much much more.

Bring your friends or family members and join us in the mountains of the primary forest, fertile river valleys, rolling hills and mangrove forests, along 3.5 kms of beautiful and desolate beaches -  characterized by a diverse set of ecosystems. 


  • 6 bungalows (total capacity for 36 people).

  • Large dining hall (capacity for 40 people).

  • Fully equipped classroom (capacity for 50 people).

  • Natural spaces for meditation, yoga, and events.

  • Hiking trail-system that connects to the shores of the Pacific Ocean and the National Wildlife Refuge

Built against a breathtaking backdrop of lush tropical forests, ocean views and agricultural lands that characterize Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, we offer you this newly build campus constructed as a space for intellectual exchange, inspiration and empowerment, combining beauty, functionality and safety.

Transformative connections between people and the environment

Experience first hand what it is to be a cowboy or “sabanero" on a working cattle ranch as you participate in a cattle round up in one of the Nicoya Peninsula’s most spectacular landscapes on a vast working ranch on the pacific coast. Undoubtedly, a  memorable life experience. Or enjoy the long rides on empty beaches finding magical picnic spots under the trees, a perfect setting to explore the waters or have a rest in the sun.

Exclusive wellness travel to Costa Rica

As a Exhale Client, join us to this luxury boutique hotel and live the Exhale experience 1150 feet over the vibrant Central Pacific Coast and the rain forest just 1 hour from San Jose airport. The hotel is prized not only for its location in the lush tropical jungle, but also for its design, décor, restaurant and private beach.

Be prepared to be blissfully taken away and live an enchanting experience where you will practice techniques from Exhale's Program for stress management & wellness, with amazing views, outstanding facilities and service second to none. Kaja Michelson will be your personal guide throughout your stay.

This is an on going year round all inclusive Exhale experience, contact us or more information. The wellness retreats are 4 days.

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Dallas, TX


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