12 hours - Exhale Course for a Personal Re-Start/FEE COVERS UP TO 12 PEOPLE

12 hours - Exhale Course for a Personal Re-Start/FEE COVERS UP TO 12 PEOPLE

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  • A system for safe(er!) communication

    We humans are not well educated in how to “Be”, only in how to “Accomplish”. It’s all about acquisition. From that place - and when we believe our own negative thoughts - it’s easy to spiral into anxiety and catastrophic thinking. During this course you will learn to recognize your negative thought patterns, what actions they drive, and how to transform them into new beginnings. It’s an empowering process that will stick with you for life as it helps you to increase your own ability to lead an authentic, transparent, non - violent and empathic conversation with your inner self, and with others. The days will be filled with different kind of awareness practices, breath patterns and learning how to practice self empathy and empathy to others by learning to identify and communicate from a space of "Actions + Feelings + Needs".


    The course offers lots of pratice time with live examples where you get to  identify your own feelings and needs and listen with openness and curiosity to the feelings and needs of others. This may sound easy in principle but is usually hard in practice, especially when we are in conflict, if we feel critical of others, or critizised by others.

    You'll learn how to put these practices into action in your relationships so that you can to feel heard and supported in any situation.


    Any kind of progress goes back to practice, and to practice is a choice we all can make.


    This course uses techniques from the powerful practices coming from The Social Emotional Skill Connection Practice, HearthMath and Non Violent Communication.


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