Want to turn your own horse into a Equine Connection Coach? 120 min session

Want to turn your own horse into a Equine Connection Coach? 120 min session


Sessions are 120 min, Dallas area only. 


There’s something about the time we spend with our horses that is almost magical, and for many, spending time with our best friend can be therapeutial. You, or your child, might have an inner issue our an conflict with another that you would like to work through in the presence of your pony or horse. Or your might just want to learn how to merge your own electromagnetic field (can be mearsured 3 feet from your body) with your horse, which is even larger, to experience calm, connection and a new presence.  


Now you can book a private session with your own horse where you will bring a inner conflict or a conflict with someone else to the barn, and have the support of your best friend while working through it while finding and expressing what feelings and needs are true to you by choosing from 54 feelings and 54 needs placed on your best friend.


We will either use the Equine Coaching Jacket on your horse, or if your horse is spooky for new things, we can also place the magnetic feeeling and needs coaching cards on big boards to work from. Your horse will be next to you through the exercises.  

You will also recieve the bio feedback from the science-based HeartMath technology proven to help you reduce stress and anxiety by increasing your inner balance and self-security, we integrate into all our equine programs and learn how to merge your electromagnetic field (can be mearsured 3 feet from your body) with your horse, which is even larger. 


To fully enjoy the benifits of the Connection Practice metodology please book the 5 session program.




A Few Words from Connection Practice Course Participants (Non equine related, www.connectionpractice.org):


“If everyone practiced this it would transform our world into a sane one!” — Henry B.


“The Connection Practice is a parent survival kit.” — Mother of two young children


“Before, I sought relief in alcohol. Now real relief for me is found in this practice” — W. Brown


“Relationship with my once-angry teenager is now restored” — Jennifer H.


“I am so moved and so touched by the way the Connection Practice worked to help me with my troubled son. It has made all the difference in the world.”
— Muslim mother of special needs child at mosque in central California


“I had an alcoholic mother and a workaholic father, and neither one ever spoke about feelings and needs or recognized that I was unhappy living within the confines of their ongoing drama. The Connection Practice has given me a voice and helped me to become a better boss, husband and father.”
— Husband, father and Vice President of Engineering in Silicon Valley, CA


“For the first time, after unsuccessfully meeting with counselor after counselor, my son is feeling hopeful and is now doing really well in school. The Connection Practice has been truly amazing!”
— Chiropractor and mother of pre-teen in northern California


“After years and years of her abuse, I never imagined that I could put an end to the rage-filled voice of my mother in my head, endlessly criticizing me and telling me I was ‘no good.’  And yet, for the first time, I have found peace – real inner peace – and for that I cannot thank the Connection Practice enough!”
— 57-year old Senior Director at a non-profit in San Jose, CA


“I was really impressed and surprised by the Connection Practice when I was asked to identify my feelings and needs and then to guess the feelings of my business associate: I never would have guessed that we had the same need but were simply employing different strategies toward the same end!”
— 52-year old Senior Architect in San Anselmo, CA


“When I came to this course I hadn’t really spoken with my husband for eight years, but after learning the Connection Practice, I went home and used my newfound skill with my husband and it changed everything for the better. What a gift!”
— Public school teacher on the verge of separation from her husband, Costa Rica


“The Connection Practice literally saved my marriage and turned it into something I could only have dreamed of before.”
— Southern California Unity minister, wife and mother



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