3 hours - "Stress Management Made Practical"/FEE COVERS up to 30 participants

3 hours - "Stress Management Made Practical"/FEE COVERS up to 30 participants


  • Have your team enjoy 3 hours of Stress Management

    Have your team enjoy 3 hours of stress, tension and pain management! You'll learn how to change your physical, emotional and mental energy levels in no time! This hands on experience based workshop is created for people who often has tension in their upper back or neck, suffers from head-aches, feels tension or pain in the middle back or lumbar area, who gets tired by the evening, who wakes up at 4 in the morning and can't go back to sleep, or who has a weak immune system. This course includes techniques for relaxing all the major tension areas and gives an understanding of HOW to combine breathing techniques with movement to trigger the body's Relaxation Response. The point of the Exhale Practices is to give you an experience of HOW to manage and balance your own energy levels in seconds. We keep it simple and direct. By the end of the workshop you will know exactly what to do and HOW to improve your overall experience of negative and positive stress, using the techniques offered by Exhale Coaching.


    • The science behind Conscious Breathing explained in an easy to understand manner. You'll understand the impact of your daily 25,000 breaths and HOW to breathe to support your energy system efficiently
    • Understand the difference between poor and good breathing habits and HOW it effects all physical, emotional and mental aspects
    • How to implement good breathing habits in your daily life and how little it takes
    • How to use breathing combined with movement to release stress, tension and pain

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