Get 10 dollars off the reglar price of the printed version of "Alma & Atman"

Get 10 dollars off the reglar price of the printed version of "Alma & Atman"

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This joyful, beautifully illustrated book, Alma & Atman, tells the story of a little girl who receives support from a gigantic old draft horse during the challenging time in her life when her parents are getting a divorce. It's an uplifting book for children, children's families and supportive networks, written with inspiration from the award-winning Connection Practice®, a scientically-based, social-emotional skill that eliminates unnecessary suffering and enriches life. Don't miss this life-changing storybook providing simple and easily-implementable tools for emphatic communication and connection. Empower yourself and your child by ordering today!  

  • Inspiring children, youth and adults to better manage intense emotions and model compassionate communication
  • Helps children and adults embrace the practice of empathy and compassionate communication when the family is faced with divorce or being in a changing home environment
  • Offer children, youth and adults simple steps to improve communication and conflict resolution in general
  • Teaching children, youth and adults to identify and respond appropriately to emotions and to successfully resolve conflicts effectively
  • Teaching one of the most important social skills a human being can learn, Empathy: The act of listening to one's own feelings and needs and the ability to understand and share the feelings and needs of another.

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