32 hours CP Equus Course

32 hours CP Equus Course

kr2 999,00Pris

Bring your Equine Network together at your own venue bringing people, horses and science together in a step by step process to resolve inner issues and conflcits! This learning program is perfect for anyone interested in the healing powers of the horse or the organization offering Equine Assisted Therapy and Coaching to its clients on a regular basis. The practice reaches the hearts of any child or adult efficiantly. People who are experiencing isolation and loneliness because of family trauma like mental illness, substance abuse or domestic violence, and who's basic needs for emotional safety, communication and peace seldom are met, find a life long and practical tool for communication, self-leadership and connection in the methodology. The full product kit is available to a heavily discounted price for the professional organization and its Certified Equine Specialist working in the field of Equine Assisted Learning, Coaching and therapy as part of our 32 hour Course (24 hours personal training on site at your location and plus 12 hours self-study and online training).

The fee includes 32 coaching hours for up to 6 equine proffessionals at your location. 

The tool kit to be bought for a heavily discounted price includes:


  • 32 hour learning program which includes 24 hours personal training at your location plus 12 hours self study and online training for 1 - 4 participants within the same organization.
  • A set of 19 High Quality Outdoor vinyl Connection Practice ® Methodology Banners that provides increased durability to withstand variable weather conditions. Each banners illustrates each step of the Connection Practice Metodology and makes it easy and efficiant for the practitioner to follow
  • One Manual for the Equine Professional
  • One Workbook for the Equine Professional
  • One high quality Velcro Feeling & Needs Empathy Equine Coaching Jacket
  • One set of outdoor friendly laminated Feelings & Needs Cards
  • One "Alma & Atman" storybook, author Kaja Michelson
  • One "Completely Connected" book, autor Rita Marie Johnson


*The Connection Practice set of 19 banners are made of High Quality Outdoor vinyl (or core plast) that provides increased durability to withstand variable weather conditions. The sets are fade-resistant, tear-resistant, and wind-resistant. Made of white, flexible material with matte finish.





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