32 hours - The Connection Practice Course/FEE COVERS up to 8 participants

32 hours - The Connection Practice Course/FEE COVERS up to 8 participants

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  • Unite your empathy and insight!

    Book the life changing course "The Connection Practice" at your own venue!


    Learning to master the Methodolgy of Connection Practice, you will be learning the skills to help yourself and others gain the benefits of empathy and insight.


    You will be helping to reduce stress, improve relationships and find better solutions to problems. You may work to help organizations – whether they work with at-risk children, employ hundreds or run some part of the government – to become more efficient, more connected and a better place to work. If you choose to work with school children, you will give them skills that will not only reduce bullying and help them do better in school, but will support them throughout their lives. All of this will lead to a more connected world, one in which people have skills other than violence, avoidance or shame with which to deal with conflicts. 


    And still, you may find the best part of attenting this course is what you gain for yourself. If you are looking for more peace inside you and in your relationships or if you desire a way to be of service that truly makes a difference, joint this course!


    The Connection Practice teaches a skill that unites your empathy and insight for accelerated growth. Empathy is attained through a conscious connection to feelings and needs, and insight is accessed through heart-brain coherence. The synergy in this partnership maximizes your social and emotional intelligence, builds resilience, and enhances performance. Scientific research shows that violent reactions can occur when we are triggered by emotional memories. The amygdala, the part of the brain that holds emotional memories, can trigger stress, fear or a fight response faster than we can think. Based on past information and situations, it can keep us trapped in negative emotional patterns that can lead to health challenges and violence.


    The Connection Practice calms the reactions of the amygdala. Through the Connection Practice, you will learn to:

    • Resolve conflicts non-violently
    • Find release from worry, anger, anxiety and depression simply and quickly
    • Achieve your highest brain function and open up your intuition
    • Attain emotional balance, even in times of great turmoil and stress


    These skills translate to all arenas in life, and the training works wonders for businesses, schools from pre-school to college, nonprofits, families and spiritual communities of all faiths.


    The Connection Practice consists of three activities:

    • The Connection Process – unites empathy and insight to solve daily challenges and celebrate life
    • The Connection Path – a step-by-step tool for resolving difficult conflicts within yourself or with others
    • Connection Mediation – an effective conflict intervention that meets the needs of all parties


    To learn more about the Connection Practice and courses and how to orginize a course at your venue (minimum 4 participants) contact Kaja Michelson directly at info@exhalestore.com. Kaja Michelson is a Certified Connection Practice Trainer, Coach and Curriculum Teacher, since 2014.



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