Personal Online Program for survivors of trauma, 6 x 55 min

Personal Online Program for survivors of trauma, 6 x 55 min


Honor the tears inside - This is a Personal Online Program for survivors of any kind of trauma, who are interested in the mind/body connection for healing, using breath technology, mental training and visualization. Whether trauma is caused by a single event such as a natural disaster, or by repeated or prolonged exposure to abuse, an individual’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are altered through their experience and perspective.


Increasing your own awareness about your experiences can help you when your feelings become overwealming, or you feel anxious or disruptive. A trauma-informed perspective asks “What happened to you?” instead of “What’s wrong With you?and in this program you learn how to observe a situation, how to name your feelings and needs relating to the situation, aswell as guess the feelings and needs of others that might be involved in the situation. This is an empowering experience based on the practice of empathy, and as you sharpen your understanding of how to move away from negative energy- while not ignoring it - you'll find a new sense of strength. You' also learn the most effective and profound Exhale Exercises for personal Development & Growth and it can be used by anyone as a way to cultivate awareness, tolerance, and an increased acceptance of the self and others. These practices have been offered to a wide range of individuals and groups, specifically grown up children from families challenged with their parents mental illness, substance abuse or acts of domestic violence.


This isn’t a complicated program to attend. It's participant friendly with easy to follow and powerful practices. You meet Kaja for Chair-based exercises in front of the screen targeting specific goals. The program includes the Conscious Breathing Consultation & Stress Test, and each week you will recieve a audio file to practice with betweeen sessions. Daily practice creates clarity and self-control helpful in overcoming behavorial addictions. Each session is 55 min. Sign up today!


*This is an educational program, designed to use the holistic and ancient wisdom and practices to support recovery and self-healing.

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