Mental Training@Coach Nation

Jag levererar tjänster som Life Coach & Mental Tränare till Coach Nation där kunderna främst består av chefer och entreprenörer med hög stress-, och arbetsbelastning. Programmen bokas direkt via Coach Nation App som du finner i appstore. Alla program för Coach Nation är på engelska.

Exhale Re-Charge

With clients in different parts of the world and time zones online session in stressmanagement and mental training are great options to Re-Charge energy especially in covid times. Working long hours from home tears on the patience, on muscles, concentration and energy flow. The Exhale Re-Charge classes are perfect to get oxygen and blood flow work along the spine which will make you feel relaxed, energized and ready for the day. You can participate in your office chair and in regular clothes. 

Tel: + 1 214 - 7331144,
+1 72 717 12 70
Dallas, TX

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