Exhale Coaching LLC


Kaja Michelson started Exhale Coaching LLC, in Dallas TX, 2014.

Exhale Coaching & Consulting LLC is offering programs for systematic training of physiological, emotional and mental processes focusing on experience-based competence development for individuals, teams and organizations. The company offers a variety of stress management techniques for physical, emotional, and mental tension relief. The Exhale Coaching Practices has proven effective in overcoming fear, anxiety, physical and emotional pain, restless legs, sleeping problems and body aches. Additionally, clients have reached their personal goals of better overall quality of life and improved relationships, both personal and professional.



Center for Contemporary Analysis, 2006 - 2009
Kaja Michelson served as board member of the Center for Contemporary Analysis, a politically, religiously and economically independent non-profit organization in Sweden that was founded in the mid 1990's. The foundation runs different projects discussing the profound change of the conditions for development, as our worldview and life situations change. 

Rasur Foundation International, 2013 - 2017
Served as board member of Rasur Foundation International, a non profit 
organization and the developer of the methodology Connection Practice®. In Costa Rica, more than 1,500 teachers have been trained in the Connection Practice, building the social and emotional intelligence of over 40,000 students. Annual evaluations reveal that bullying, intolerance, conflicts, violence and misconduct reports decreased after the Connection Practice training.



Netsolutions, 1996 - 1999
Netsolutions AB was an Internet company which produced digital platforms for companies in banking, finance and insurance. As a shareholder of the company, Kaja held positions as a programmer, concept developer, and spent 10 months in San Francisco reporting back to the coworkers, clients and partners on industry news.

Ki Kommunikation, 1999 - 2009
Kaja started her own company "Ki Kommunikation" in Sweden in 1999. She worked as an consultant in the production of online media including strategic planning and the execution of multiple programs such as: conferences, meetings, incentives, events, and education for experience-based learning on many long term contracts. See below:


  • Doppovision, 2004 - 2006
    Kaja Michelson assisted Annika Dopping, the Swedish Communications Expert, Film & TV Producer, full-time on a long time contract from 2002 to 2004. The company produced award-winning documentaries and TV programs for the Swedish channel TV4 and others. Kaja worked on concept development, business development, research, administrative tasks, production and implementation of for example conferences for the Swedish Emergency Hotline Service SOS Alarm (911). Together they produced many major round table dialogue conferences for example: “Safety for the elderly”, “Safety for Children”, “Safety for Woman”, “Safety for Immigrants”  with 70 – 130 participants at each event, as a way for SOS Alarm to collect information on how to support their operators to be able to dispatch the correct emergency service to Swedish citizens as quickly as possible. 

  • The Invisible Children, 2003 - 2005
    Kaja initiated and produced about 10 - 15 round table dialogue conferences together with researcher 
    Annemi Skerfving, expert in the field of Children growing up with mentally ill parents. The project aimed to bring awareness toward this specifically vulnerable group of children and toward changing our attitudes toward mental illness in parents with children.  During 2 years they traveled all over Sweden gathering 50 - 70 representatives from the police, school, psychiatric institutions and the social networks surrounding children. The participants got access to the latest research in the field, and the opportunituy to work process oriented identifying which activities could change life quality for many of these children. The work contributed to that this specific group of children got attention in the Swedish Child Report 2006. 

  • The Swedish Red Cross, 2006 – 2007
    In 2006, Kaja Michelson got the assignment by the Swedish Red Cross to produce an “experience-based education package about human rights” for Red Cross employees and volunteers. The package was produced as a toolbox with exercises to be used with school students, organizations, and companies to create awareness about human right issues in our every day life and value system. Kaja educated staff members in the material at the Red Cross educational center in Mariefred, Sweden. This educational material aimed to involve the whole individual; meaning not just their intellect but also their senses, their feelings and their personality. Keywords for the process-oriented work included: a sense of trust, respect and openness. 

  • Centrum för samtidisanalys, 2006 - 2009
    Together with Bishop Emeritus Bengt Wadensjö, Center for Contemporary Analysis Kaja Michelson was the initiator of The Multicultural Dialogue on Life Issues in the Nacka Municipality. She also processed all dialogue meetings. In 2006 and 2008, a Multicultural Dialogue on Life Issues in Nacka Municipality was organized in which Christians, Jews, Muslims, non-believers, spiritual applicants, young people and adults met to discuss our common life issues. The project was supported by Nacka Kommun and the Nacka Assembly and Muslim Cultural Association in Fisksätra. During the meetings, the participants (everyone with different socio-economic, cultural and religious backgrounds) were able to work process oriented and together on different issues. Examples of themes include self-esteem, responsibility, gratitude, love, forgiveness, respect, and tolerance, among other things. The purpose of the dialogue was to open a new space for how to work with development issues in a municipality (Nacka) and to provide an opportunity for those who do not usually meet each other to discuss questions that concern everyone. This dialogue inspired private individuals, including religious and political leaders, to work together to create a better, more insightful and harmonious existence in our immediate environment.


Kaja ended her assignment as a facilitator for the project as she moved to Costa Rica with her husband and two daughters in 2009. She dissolve her company Ki Kommunikation, 2009. Once in Costa Rica, she studied conflict management at the United Nations - University for Peace of Costa Rica.

  • Rasur Foundation International
    On behalf of the Rasur Foundation International, she later acted as a small group facilitator on many of the 40-hour foundation courses in "The Connection Practice" offered to students through the University for Peace of Costa Rica towards credits from 2010 to 2012. The Foundation's mission is to provide peace education and trainings to future generations. 

  • She moved to Dallas, TX 2012 and started Exhale Coaching LLC, 2014  - www.exhalestore.com

  • 2019 she moved to Stockholm, Sweden and dissolved the American company Exhale Coaching LLC 

  • Since 2019 Kaja Michelson lives in Stockholm, Sweden and is running the swedish version of Exhale Coaching. She is offering communications workshops through www.kikommunikation.se